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Gabir comes from Arabic which means comforter, consoler. Based on these thoughts, Gabir hopes to provide better value for drivers or consumers in each trip of their trip with a value that is more than just riding a vehicle to the destination.

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Gabir's philosophy is explained in 2 words, Connecting Communities.

In a transportation service there are 2 communities, there is a community of those who want to get a ride, and there is also a community of those who want to earn income as drivers. Gabir always tries to balance the two by positioning both users and drivers as fellow Gabir clients.


Gabir positions itself as a facility or intermediary that connects those who want to get a ride and those who want to make a living as a driver who tries to produce more value in each trip.

Why Choose Us?

As a new start-up company in the online transportation niche, Gabir brings a new spirit filled with positive energy to provide a feel of happiness in every journey. With the slogan #LetsGabir, it will make Gabir a suitable partner for all people - those who need shuttle, backpacker, travel, shopping, school, work or city tourism